What’s 100 Calories A Day?

According to the American Dietetic Association, the difference between weight loss and weight gain can be as little as 100 calories a day. A lot of people suffer from 'weight creep' - those nagging pounds that creep on over the years - at an average of about 2 pounds per year. That's 20 pounds in ten… Continue reading What’s 100 Calories A Day?


Water and Your Health – Did You Know…

Here's a question you've heard many times before: How many glasses of water do you drink each day? Two, three, four... more? You've heard it so often because it's a very important question, prompting you to think about the amount of water you consume, urging you to drink more... Get the basics right, like eating… Continue reading Water and Your Health – Did You Know…

5 Helpful Things to Do to Start Your Personal Fitness Program

Make the Choice to Start Exercising and Eating Right Write Down What You Do Research and Get Information Create a Simple Plan and Set Realistic Goals Execute Your Plan The most common challenge that people will encounter is how to incorporate fitness into their lives. They know they have to do something to get in… Continue reading 5 Helpful Things to Do to Start Your Personal Fitness Program

Dieting Success Tips… Continued

•Eat your larger meals early and smaller meals later
•Consider eating salmon or mackerel for breakfast
•Use lettuce leaves instead of bread
•Eat a fruit dessert
•Get your fruit fresh not squeezed
•Go easy on the meal replacements
•If it sounds too good to be true it probably is
•At the grocery store – shop the outer aisles
•Invest in good cookbooks
•Take a good multivitamin